West of Southern Europe, the most gracious and beautiful Island rises from the Atlantic Ocean. This small Island, known as Madeira, is only 58 km long and 23 km wide, and it offers a diversity of things to do and so much to see! With its legendary natural beauty, wealthy history, colourful folk traditions, spectacularly warm people, appetizing food and delicate wines, Madeira has attracted visitors for centuries.


It is extremely proud of being a quality tourist destination and stood out in the world by winning several awards. As a matter of fact Madeira was distinguished as Europe’s ‘best island destination’ at the tourism “Oscars” gala five times (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018), being also elected “World’s Leading Island Destination” in 2015, 2016 and 2017, by the World Travel Awards.


Madeira’s unique characteristics combined with its year-round pleasant climate, a wide range of wonderful hotels to stay and magnificent wedding venues, make the island ideally suited for the latest trend: getting married in Madeira!




Madeira’s superb sceneries and luxuriant landscapes (green volcanic ridges, deep valleys, countless water-springs, blue seas, and a diversity of flora) provide a colourful and marvelous panorama to every visitor.


The island’s 15.000ha of natural forest (20% of Madeira’s surface) is the largest and best-preserved surviving area of Laurissilva. This laurel forest (Laurissilva) was classified in 1999, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It plays an important role in collecting water from mist and precipitation. Therefore it is also known as the “water producing forest”.


This mountain spring water is carried in levadas (water channels) to the towns in the South providing drinking water and irrigation water, that ensures abundant crops. Nowadays some watercourses also feed hydroelectric power stations. The admirable system of levadas was created in the 15th century by the first settlers and it took them several years of audacious engineering work as the channels had to be dug out of the rock in order to save water and green terraces at several altitudes. Madeira has around 2500 km of irrigation channels and the paths along them, are the best ways for hikers to explore the island and its timeless natural beauty in a safe environment with no dangerous animals.


Due to Madeira’s extremely steep topography, cultivation is done in small terraces, like a staircase, called Poios. A journey throughout Madeira’s colourful terraced lands will allow you to see the great assortment of crops on its fertile soils, such as sugarcane, bananas, grapes, among others.


Madeira is an Island with breathtaking views, flowers, serene ambience, mystery and love, which makes it an exceptional wedding destination.




Madeiran cuisine is a flaunting and delightful experience. By combining quality ingredients, the local chefs create varied, colourful and delicious dishes, that are true works of art.


Among Madeira’s tantalizing recipes, should be particularly highlighted the lapas (grilled limpets); espada (black scabbard fish), a moist, snow-white dish with a delicate flavour; tuna steak; espetadas (cubes of beef rubbed with garlic and salt, skewered on a bay laurel stick and grilled over a wood fire); carne de vinha d’alhos (small pieces of pork meat); bolo do caco, (a round bread made with sweet potatoes and wheat flour, served with garlic-parsley butter); milho frito (fried maize) and bolo de mel (honey cake).


Besides the traditional food, quite flavourful and soul-warming, the madeira wines have rightfully earned a continuous reputation for excellence, used for any occasion and suitable to everyone’s taste.


It is not by chance that such a small island has two iconic restaurants awarded with one and two Michelin stars!




Madeira is a huge draw for foreign visitors mainly due to its people. Throughout the years, the madeirans have maintained their reputation for hospitality, as foreigners praise the kindness of their reception.


Many locals speak English and those who can’t, don’t hesitate to help you out when you have a question or to help you find your way because with hand gestures they are able to express themselves beautifully. And if by chance they’re not clear enough talking with their hands, they don’t mind to walk you all the way to your destination themselves, if that’s the case.


It is very common to see curious tourists in country side staring at a colourful private garden and being invited by the owner to go in and take a closer look at his flowering plants. He might even offer them something to drink like a homemade liqueur, making them feel welcomed in his lovely Island.


The madeirans are friendly and generous people who treat their visitors as unique individuals. The finest hotels and wedding venues have amazing staff providing excellent service with a smile and usually do anything for you to make your stay and wedding day more enjoyable.


So why Madeira as a wedding destination? Because the Island and its people are Love at first sight, so rare, so exciting and so real!




With a very mild climate, Madeira has been referred to as the island of eternal spring.
Madeira’s weather conditions are strongly influenced by the subtropical anticyclone of the Azores, the Gulf Stream, the mountains, and the winds.


It has many microclimates due to its steep topography (half of the island is above 700m – 2295ft). The weather becomes chillier the higher the altitude gets. In wintertime it is possible to see the mountaintops covered with glistening white snow while at sea level (Funchal or Calheta), the weather is warm and sunny.


The temperature is uniform, there is no one outstandingly “best season”: all are pleasant. However the coldest months will be from December to February. The temperature may change from temperate to sub-tropical. That’s why there are so many wonderful outdoor activities and events to choose from.


See below our annual weather charts.