Hi Bride & Groom,


With a degree in tourism and over 20 years experience in this industry, I got this idea of wedding planning in 2011. During a trip to Malta, I was constantly shown advertisements, compelling me to get married in that Island. I thought to myself ‘as much as I find Malta an interesting island, there is nowhere else in the world more romantic than Madeira to tie the knot’.


When my fiancé and I decided to take the big step, we immediately fell in love for the very first venue that we saw, a beautiful manorhouse, nicely decorated, with the best waterfront location and the most stunning green scenery. But somehow communicating with the owner of the venue became impossible, he was never available, we had to wait forever in order to get a response, book the date and negotiate the best menus. I was so disappointed and kept telling myself that I was capable of doing a much better job!


I was determined to make our journey down the aisle a cakewalk. So I decided to take care of every single detail so that nothing fell through the cracks. I also recruited 4 ‘angels’ and assigned them some specific tasks. The result was amazing! We were able to create a wedding that lived up to the most perfect day.


Since then, we have been unstoppable! With boundless enthusiasm, we have been putting our hearts and souls into planning, designing, personalising and executing weddings in Madeira Island. And we’re having the best time of our lives doing it, it’s so much fun!


So if you would like to de-stress, spend your time with family and friends with no worries and enjoy the most important day of your lives, let me and my talented team (I am blessed to still have those 4 ‘guardian angels’ by my side) coordinate your wedding! We’ll make sure everything goes smooth and your wedding is flawless, exactly as you have always dreamt it would be.


Besides that, trust me, you’ll fall for this Island!


Nanda de Nóbrega Leça